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• Construction accidents      • Back and neck injuries    

• Broken bones                    • Severe burns                      

• Heart attacks or strokes    • Chronic pain

• Shoulder injury                  • Knee injury            

• Serious cuts or lacerations

• Eye injuries or hearing problems

• Repetitive Stress | carpal tunnel syndrome

• Concussions or traumatic brain injury

Have you suffered any of these injuries at work?

Review the list of injuries above and if any sound like your situation, you may be entitled to money to help to pay for your medical bills, not to mention pain and suffering. Let us start by hearing your case for FREE with an initial consultation.

Stop drowning in medical bills

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Never face a large corporation on your own

When you have been injured on the job your employer and their lawyers are going to do whatever they can to get you to settle your case out of the courtroom. Don't accept anything without speaking to our experienced attorney first.


If you are back to work, we understand your scheduling needs. Call to discover our flexible scheduling. We'll work with you.

When you want 13 years of experience on your side, call us for a consult.


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